We are a website design and development company specializing in WordPress Website Design and Development.

We have over five years successful experience working with individuals, small businesses, public and private agencies, and organizations.

We offer website development services including customized templates and creative design services.

We can establish an online presence with an appealing, website design and effective content to improve the overall impact, competitive capabilities, and online results.

We started in Kalamazoo Michigan but our services are available nationwide.

Best WordPress Website Development and Design Services

We offer WordPress, the most popular web-hosting platform on the Web with millions of users.

Yet, it offers plug-in convenience and many other variations so that, with expertise, one can make each site unique.

The WordPress Content Management System (CMS) is a powerful platform for creating and maintaining an online presence.

The WordPress Foundation is an open source organization that has benefited from masterful contributions from a global community of experts.

The WordPress tools offer limitless possibilities for innovation; the system is also easy to maintain, to change, and update.

Industry Partners

We partner with a lot of WordPress Theme and Plugin companies.

Our main website design and development company is http://CyberInnovation.com a website design and SEO company based in Cedar Rapids, Ia.

They specialize in WordPress website design and development services with a focus towards mobile ready responsive websites, Parallax Scrolling Websites and Search Engine Marketing (SEO) Services.

They’ve developed websites since 1998 for many organizations but they’ve done a lot of Church Website Solutions!

With WordPress you can bring together groups of people to collaborate on a single solution.

Next your WordPress platform becomes your central point of communication. Your blog posts can be posted and sent by email and published to social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and others.

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Cedar Rapids IA Church Website Design and hosting

Custom Solutions to fit YOUR needs!

We can customize a wide variety of website templates/themes or create an original concept; a thorough understanding and expert skills in WordPress Content Management System provide creative possibilities limited only by imagination.

The benefits of a website for businesses, organizations, and individuals are impressive

For individuals, it is a place for presentations of various kinds from personal to commercial or professional content.

  • One can highlight personal events, achievement, significant changes to family of professional life.
  • One can control access to the information and restrict the use of it.

For businesses and organizations, the Web is a leading avenue for commerce and communication, and an online presence provides access to a global marketplace.

  • One can skillfully use web content and website design to generate Web traffic.
  • One can attract visitors through search engines and engage them by eye-catching design and meaningful content.

Affordable Website Solutions

We provides affordable design and development services to businesses and individuals, including arrangements for free hosting.

We have both free and premium themes tailored to many types of business or personal uses.

We can customize a standard template to provide customer choices in colors and styles with the overall purpose of increasing traffic to the website and improving results among visitors.

With skilled website design professionals on staff, we offer new website services, creating content, functions, and appearances specific to customer needs or preferences.

A well-designed website is a basis for Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing.

In connection with social media, effective Web design can drive traffic through the power of online search and media based advertising and networking. The search engines change their methodology from time to time, and the recent changes have emphasized qualitative factors more than the former system of keyword density.

We provide guidance for maximizing the impact and return on investment of social media strategy and advertising. Similarly, search Engine Marketing includes branding and brand management. It is a vital part of aligning an online presence with the overall individual, business, or organizational goal. Branding creates lasting impressions and positive associations of an online presence with an audience.

We provide guidance that will improve website visits, and increase interaction with visitors.

We can work with any business, organization, or an individual situation. Based in the USA, we offer services to public and private sector entities including government, public interest groups, and public agencies. We can extend financing arrangements to make our services timely, effective and affordable. We scale payment plans to customer needs and clearly state all applicable terms in the details of the services agreement.

Our goal is to meet the WordPress website design and development needs of our customers with simple and effective solutions.